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About the Legislative Library of British Columbia

Library Hours

The Library's hours are 8:30 a.m - 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.  However, when the Legislature is sitting, the Library is open only to Members of the Legislative Assembly and legislative staff.  Before coming to use the Library it is best to call (250-387-6510) to ensure that we are open.

Who Are Our Clients?

The primary purpose of the Library is to provide reference and research services to the Members of the Legislative Assembly, their staff, the Officers of the House, and legislative support staff. The Library will assist provincial government researchers and members of the public when this service does not conflict with the needs of these primary users. The Library does not provide legal advice or do legal research.


The Library was founded in 1863 to serve the Colonial Legislature of Vancouver Island and subsequently the Province of British Columbia when it became a province of Canada in 1871. During its early years, the Library assumed responsibility for archival and provincial public library service, and, therefore, was often referred to as the Provincial Library. With the development of other larger library institutions, the Legislative Library re-focused its services on the primary legislative clientele. Read more about the Legislative Library's history.


The core collection consists of political science, parliamentary procedure, public administration, economics and Canadian history. There is also a significant collection of British Columbia and Canadian federal government publications.

Library Logo

The Library's Logo is a linocut print of the entrance to the Legislative Library by an unknown artist. The print is a close replica of the entrance. The original linocut block was found in the attic in 1985. Its only previous, known use was on the cover of the British Columbia Library Association's B.C.L.A. Bulletin of January 1955, when James G. Mitchell, Reference Librarian and later the Legislative Librarian (1974 to 1984), was editor of the quarterly publication.