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Commission of Inquiry, Workmen's Compensation Act Report of the Commissioner, the Honourable Mr. Justice Charles W. Tysoe (1966)

Reprinted with permission of the Province of British Columbia.
File Number: 7200001443

Page 1-14 (PDF 698kb)

Letter to His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor
Order in Council No. 168 Appointing the Honourable Mr. Justice Charles W. Tysoe
List of Counsel and Representatives Who Made Final Summations
Table of Contents

Page 15-27 (PDF 1.04mb)

Labour and Industry and Their General Attitudes
Comments on Complaints Concerning Decisions of Board
Section 1. Some Comments on Compensation Benefits and Increases Requested
Section 2. Basic Rate of Compensation for Disability

Page 28-68 (PDF 3.22mb)

Section 3. Permanent Disability Pension Rates (Section 27 of Act)
Section 4. Maximum and Minimum Earnings
Section 5. Pensions of Widows and Invalid Widowers
Section 6. Payments for Children of Deceased Workers
Section 7. Tying Pensions and Other Compensation Payments to Cost of Living-Application of Recommended Increases to Existing Pensions and Compensation Payments
Section 8. Surpluses in Reserve Fund of Board
Section 9. Financial Implementation of Applying Increases to Existing Pensions
Section l0. Funeral Allowances

Page 69-95 (PDF 1.91mb)

Section 11. Canada Pension Plan
Section 12. Optional Private Insurance
Section 13. Blanket Coverage for All Workmen
Section 14. Agricultural Workers
Section 15. Coverage of Fishermen
Section 16. The Board-Its Administrative Duties

Page 96-143 (PDF 3.63mb)

Section 17. Regional Offices
Section 18. Classification--Rate Making--Experience Rating--Special Classification
Section 19. Statistics
Section 20. Accident Prevention-First Aid--Industrial Hygiene
Section 21. Medical Department and Relations with Medical Profession

Page 144-172 (PDF 2.24mb)

Section 22. Administration of Medical Aid
Section 23. Eyeglasses and Dentures (Section 25 (8) (b) of Act)
Section 24. Psychiatric Treatment
Section 25. Sick Mariners' Fund
Section 26. Subsistence Allowances (Section 25 (1) )
Section 27. Chiropractors
Section 28. Rehabilitation

Page 173-221 (PDF 3.90Mb)

Section 29. Personal Injury by Accident Arising Out of and in the Course of Employment
Section 30. Burden of Proof
Section 31. Waiting Period (Section 7 (2))
Section 32. Enhanced Disabilities--Second Injury Fund
Section 33. Limited Liability-section 7 (5) of Act

Page 222-242 (PDF 1.67mb)

Section 34. Back Injuries
Section 35. Industrial Diseases (Section 8 of Act)
Section 36. Industrial Deafness
Section 37. Hernia (Section 16 of Act)

Page 243-271 (PDF 2.34mb)

Section 38. Lung Conditions (Section 8 of Act)
Section 39. Medical Examination of Workmen (Section 8 (8) of Act)

Page 272-309 (PDF 3.09mb)

Section 40. Disability Evaluation
Section 41. Temporary Partial Disability (Section 24 and Section 22 (1) (b) of Act)
Section 42. Temporary Total Disability (Compensation Therefor)-"Short term" Claims (Section 23 (1) of Act)
Section 43. Average Earnings (Section 27 (1) of Act)
Section 44. Permanent Partial Disability-Loss of Function or Loss of Wages (Section 22 of Act)

Page 310-335 (PDF 2.09mb)

Section 45. Claims Department--Claims Procedures--Reviews
Section 46. Disclosure of Contents of Board Files (Section 76 of Act)
Section 47. Reasons for Disallowance of Claims

Page 336-395 (PDF 4.76Mb)

Section 48. Compensation Consultant
Section 49. Comments on Adversary and Inquiry Systems
Section 50. Appeal or Review Structures and Procedures
Section 51. Medical Review Panel (Section 55 of Act)
Section 52. Proposed Complaints Department

Page 396-431 (PDF 2.82mb)

Section 53. Some Particular Examples Relied On by Labour to Support Its Criticism of the Administration
Section 54. Hospital Insurance
Section 55. Trauma Research
Section 56. Security of Tenure of Commissioners of Board (Section 67 (1) of Act)
Section 57. Salaries of Commissioners
Section 58. Rights against Employers (Sections 11 and 12 of Act)
Section 59. Injured Workman's Right of Action against Negligent Workman
Section 60. Workman's Notice of Accident to Employer (Section 49 of Act)
Section 61. Contractors and Sub-contractors - Liability for Assessments
Section 62. Lien Priorities of Board (Section 48 of Act)

Page 432-444 (PDF 1.23mb)

Section 63. Some Union Proposals for Imposition upon Employers of Further Statutory Duties Relating to Workmen
Section 64. Other Amendments to Act
Section 65. Overhaul of Administrative Machinery
Section 66. Considerations Applicable to Future Assessments
List of Those Who Made Submissions or Representations
Workmen's Compensation Act Index

Workmen's Compensation Act, 1960 (PDF 3.41mb)

Index (PDF 590kb)


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