Lillooet, AAC Rationale

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- Stein Valley

The provincial government announced on November 23, 1995 that the Stein Valley would be protected as a Class A provincial park, and it has now been so designated. This decision removes about 13 800 ha (5 percent) from the initial timber harvesting land base derived for the BCFS base case which I have accounted for below in aggregate impact. The impact on the short term timber supply is expected to be somewhat greater since the area affected by the decision represents about 7 percent of the mature timber volume in the TSA's timber harvesting land base.

My accounting in this determination for the removal of the new park area from the timber harvesting land base differs from the approach I have taken in other recent determinations, in which the designation of protected areas has been made within the context of the provisions of an overall land use plan that also includes elements intended to offset the timber supply impacts of the reduced harvestable area. I note that the Stein Valley (Nlaka'pamux) park was not designated in the context of such a plan, and my accounting for the timber supply impacts of the designation is addressed under "Reasons for decision".

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