Lillooet, AAC Rationale

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Utilization standards

Sawlog utilization standards used in the timber supply analysis are consistent with BCFS interior utilization standards which include a minimum diameter at breast height (dbh) of 12.5 cm for pine, 17.5 cm for other conifers, and a minimum top diameter of 10 cm. These utilization standards were used with VDYP and TIPSY to estimate volumes for existing and regenerated stands.

BCFS district staff confirm that although one licensee has been utilizing timber to a 5-cm top diameter, in general the level of utilization practised in the TSA is as assumed for the analysis, and I therefore consider these assumptions appropriate.

No harvesting operations have taken place specifically for pulpwood under pulpwood agreement #16 (PA16). However, some harvesting for sawlogs has occurred under a forest licence within the PA16 area (see also pulpwood agreements), which is subject to more stringent pulpwood utilization standards. This level of utilization is currently occurring, but the difference in volume between the sawlog and pulpwood utilization standards is not charged to the licensee's forest licence AAC, since these pulpwood volumes are charged to PA16. Therefore the increased utilization required within the PA16 area does not affect the base case timber supply projection.

In the future, if PA16 harvesting plans are developed for this TSA, I will consider the appropriateness of establishing a partition encompassing the forest types on which the award of PA16 was predicated in order to recognize and facilitate the plans.

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