Lillooet, AAC Rationale

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- recreation

With its abundance of scenery and varied landscapes, the Lillooet TSA offers recreationists many opportunities, including (i) sightseeing and touring, for example the promoted "Coast Mountain Circle Tour", which travels through Vancouver, Hope, Lytton, Cache Creek, Lillooet and Whistler; (ii) hiking, camping, trail riding, mountain biking, and mountain climbing, both in areas well accessed by roads and in roadless backcountry areas like the Stein and Spruce Lake areas; (iii) fishing, particularly for steelhead, sturgeon, trout and salmon, and hunting, especially for California bighorn sheep, mule deer and mountain goats; and (iv) other activities like white water rafting, skiing and snowmobiling. I understand that improved access to the TSA from Vancouver is considered to be the main factor associated with the increasing number of visitors to the area.

The forest inventory used to support the BCFS timber supply analysis base case recognized about 4700 ha of important recreation resource lands (Er lands), and in the analysis 2056 ha (about 44 percent of the 4700 ha) were deleted from the timber harvesting land base to account for protection of particularly sensitive recreation resources. In the base case, designated parks, ecological reserves and wilderness areas were also removed from the timber harvesting land base.

Outside these areas, the assumption was made in the analysis that recreation resources and activities can be integrated with timber harvesting through management prescriptions in the various land use zones such as the visual management zone. As noted, about 50 percent of the productive forest land in the TSA is outside the timber harvesting land base; this represents a large area in the TSA that should continue to provide backcountry recreation opportunities. I am therefore satisfied that the assumptions made for recreation in the base case are reasonable for use in this determination and that no adjustment to the projected timber supply is required on this account.

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