Lillooet, AAC Rationale

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- pulpwood agreements

Pulpwood agreement #2 lies in the TSA but has never been active, although it was recently renewed. Pulpwood agreement #16 (PA16) supports an oriented strand board plant in 100 Mile House, and 25 000 m³/year have been allocated to the Lillooet TSA. No harvesting has occurred in the TSA under the PA16 allocation (although some harvesting does take place on the PA16 area under a forest licence, as noted above in Utilization standards) and no five-year development plan has yet been submitted. The timber supply analysis indicates that the TSA has sufficient volumes to provide for PA16 without affecting the base case harvest forecast and this point has been verified by district staff. Since no harvesting is currently planned under the pulpwood agreements, no partition is required in the AAC for this purpose at this time. When the intentions for development under PA16 become clearer, the AAC can be redetermined to reflect the planned management and timber harvest regime as explained above in Utilization standards.

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