Lillooet, AAC Rationale

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- cut-control carry-over

In the previous cut-control period from 1987 to 1991, Ainsworth cut only 91 percent of its AAC. The undercutting was largely attributable to difficulties in securing cutting permits and road construction authorities to new harvesting areas due to factors such as protracted planning processes and the deferral of areas pending land use decisions. As a consequence, the Minister of Forests authorized a 180 000 m³ carry-over from the previous cut control period to the current period, i.e. 1992 to 1996, with 120 000 m³ apportioned to Ainsworth and 60 000 m³ added to the Small Business Forest Enterprise Program. To date, there has been no harvesting of these carried-over volumes. To the extent that any harvesting of these volumes does take place, the inventory will be depleted faster than projected in the analysis. This could affect the inventory volumes for the next timber supply analysis, which will be taken into account in the next AAC determination.

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