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Tree Farm Licence 45

History of the AAC

In 1982, TFLs 17 and 36 were amalgamated to form TFL 45. The TFL, then covering a total land base of 287 410 hectares, was originally granted to British Columbia Forest Products Limited on January 1, 1983. The initial AAC was 305 000 cubic metres. In 1988, TFL 45 was transferred to Fletcher Challenge Canada Limited, and a portion of the AAC (approximately 7.5 percent) was allocated to the Small Business Forest Enterprise Program (SBFEP). An additional 7194 cubic metres (2.5 percent) was allocated to the SBFEP in 1989 under Bill 28. On November 28, 1991, the Chief Forester approved Management Plan (MP) 2 for the TFL with a reduced land base and an AAC of 210 000 cubic metres. The land base was reduced to correspond with the earlier removal of the SBFEP portion of the AAC from the TFL, and therefore the reduced AAC of 210 000 cubic metres was allocated entirely to the licensee. However, with the transfer of the TFL from Fletcher Challenge Canada Limited to International Forest Products Limited in 1991, once again a portion of the TFL AAC was allocated to the SBFEP. The current AAC for TFL 45 is 210 000 cubic metres, which includes the 10 080 cubic-metre allocation for the SBFEP, since this portion of the program is still being administered within the TFL, unlike the other 28 776 cubic meters for which land base was withdrawn from the TFL.





AAC (m³)


AAC (m³)




305 000


TFL 45 granted to British Columbia Forest Products Ltd. (BCFP).



283 418

21 582

Transfer from BCFP to Fletcher Challenge Canada Limited (FCCL) and allocation of volume to the SBFEP.



276 224

28 776

Additional allocation to the SBFEP (Bill 28).



210 000

MP 2; removal of the SBFEP allocation from the TFL resulted in reduced land base.



199 920

10 080

Transfer from FCCL to Interfor and allocation of volume to the SBFEP.

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