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Tree Farm Licence 45

Not-satisfactorily-restocked area

Licensee records indicate that TFL 45 contains 496 hectares of not-satisfactorily-restocked areas, of which 479 hectares are within the operable land base. This figure represents current operations only; there are no backlog areas. It was assumed in the analysis that all of these areas would contribute to long-term timber supply. District staff have accepted the assumptions regarding non-satisfactorily restocked areas.

These not-satisfactorily-restocked areas are expected to be regenerated within 2 years. However, in the timber supply analysis, these areas were erroneously assumed to regenerate immediately. The Timberline analyst has confirmed that if this error is corrected in the base case, the resulting timber supply forecast is the same due to the small area involved (about 1.6% of the timber harvesting land base). Furthermore, the sensitivity analyses are not expected to be affected by this correction. Therefore, I am satisfied that this error, involving a very small portion of the timber harvesting land base, does not represent a significant risk to timber supply.

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