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Tree Farm Licence 45

Commercial thinning

Interfor has stated that there is some opportunity to use commercial thinning to increase medium-term timber supply by allowing some volume to be harvested from stands that would not otherwise be harvestable prior to decade 12. Interfor expects alternative silvicultural systems and commercial thinning to provide as much as 1 percent of the total volume harvested in the TFL. The licensee has also committed in MP No. 3 to increasing this portion to 10 percent over the next 5 years. Alternative silviculture and commercial thinning may particularly be used in visually sensitive areas where conventional harvesting is limited by visual quality objectives. No allowance for commercial thinning was made in the analysis.

To the extent that commercial thinning and alternative silvicultural systems are used successfully in otherwise constrained areas, it will be accounted for in the future. However, no commercial thinning has been undertaken in TFL 45 to date, and I am satisfied that the analysis appropriately reflects the current situation.

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