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Tree Farm Licence 45

Planning Issues

In MP No. 3, Interfor states an intention to establish Resource Management Zones and objectives for TFL 45, and to work toward the designation of MP No. 3 as a higher level plan. Interfor also intends to enhance the timber-producing capability of the timber harvesting land base by designation and management of part of the TFL as a 'high intensity area'. If these plans come to fruition, they will be accounted for in future determinations. However, as discussed above, under "Guiding principles for AAC determinations", I will not speculate on decisions, such as the designation of higher level plans, that have not yet been taken by government. Furthermore, until plans and decisions have been implemented, it is impossible to properly assess their timber supply impacts. I have made no adjustment on this account in my determination.

I am aware that the Kwalate area and portions of the Knight Inlet area have been identified as areas of interest under the Protected Areas Strategy. These areas may come under review for designation as protected areas. A Land and Resource Management Planning (LRMP) process has been initiated for the central coast area which encompasses the TFL. The Central Coast LRMP process will examine land use and resource management in this area, and clarify the status of these areas of interest for incorporation into future determinations.

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