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  The First Three Months

Report to the
Attorney General
Hon. Ujjal Dosanjh

  Cynthia Morton
Children's Commissioner

JANUARY 31, 1997

Table of Contents

Letter from the Children's Commissioner

The Role of the Children's Commission (graphic)
Interactions of the Commission (graphic)

Protecting Children's Rights

The Child and Family Review Board
Systemic Issues and Recommendations of the CFRB

Review of Child Fatalities

Child Fatality Review Process (graphic)
Completed Fatality Reviews from 1992 to December 31, 1996 (table)
Investigation Process
Recommendations from the Review of Child Fatalities

A. Key Policy and Practice Issues that Concern All Child and Family Serving Agencies

B. Key Recommendations to Specific Sectors

C. Key Recommendations Based on Cause of Death or Factors in a Child's Death

How Will the Children's Commission Know if Change for Children is Really Happening?


Appendix A

Child and Family Review Board Members

Appendix B

Child Multidisciplinary Team Members
Youth Multidisciplinary Team Members

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