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Briefing papers prepared by
the Policy and Regulation
Development Bureau

The Policy and Regulation Development Bureau is preparing briefing documents on topics that may fall within the Royal Commission's terms of reference. Copies of the documents that have been completed are accessible at this site and others will be added as they are available.

Each paper covers a general subject area, for example, pensions and rehabilitation. The papers summarize past history, discuss general principles, compare the B.C. system with other jurisdictions and summarize particular issues. Their purpose is to give background information that will orientate the Commission or others to some major issues. The Board does not expect the Commission to make decisions on the basis of these documents. Rather, the Commission will make its own inquiries.

The papers do not pretend to cover all the issues that the Commission or others might raise. The general nature of the papers also means that they cannot include detailed discussion of all the issues. There may be relevant factors that are omitted with regard to some issues. Furthermore, the explanations of some matters may be less than would be desired if the issues were being considered for decision.

The papers refer to sources of additional information where known. The Board had previously done research in some of the topics covered by the papers. In others the Policy and Regulation Development Bureau has undertaken new research to the extent necessary for a general background paper. There has been no attempt to exhaustively research all the issues.

The papers do not include recommendations for resolving issues, or take a position with respect to them. They may discuss known alternatives, particularly when other jurisdictions have adopted them.

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