The Formative Evaluation of the BC

Labour Market Information Strategic Initiative


The Labour Market Information (LMI) Strategic Initiative is jointly funded by Canada and the Government of British Columbia, as part of the Strategic Initiatives Program to test new approaches to social security reform in British Columbia. The objective of the LMI Strategic Initiative is: "to answer the need for the development, production and distribution of high quality job and career related labour market information and, particularly, its integration into career counselling in secondary and post-secondary educational settings, in order to support the school-to-work transition."

The primary objectives of the formative evaluation were to determine: the relevance of the activities of the LMI Strategic Initiative to the purpose of the Initiative and to the needs of the intended audiences; the effectiveness and efficiency of the management and delivery of the Initiative; the key features of the Initiative that make it work well, as well as any limitations to its effectiveness, and possible improvements; and, whether there are appropriate processes in place to plan for the long-term sustainability of the achievements of the Initiative, where warranted, both for the Initiative as a whole and for individual projects.

Table of Contents




I. Introduction

A. Overview of the Labour Market Information Strategic Initiative
B. Purpose of the Evaluation
C. Evaluation Methodology
D. Organization of the Report

II. Relevance of Activities

A. Relevance to the Initiative’s Purpose
B. Relevance to the Strategic Initiatives Program Criteria
C. Relevance to Intended Audiences

III. Communication and Coordination

A. Communication Among those Involved in Delivery
B. Communication with Intended Audiences
C. Partnerships

IV. Management and Delivery

A. Management Direction
B. Clarity of Roles
C. Efficiency of Delivery
D. Information Management
E. Key Elements and Operational Practices

V. Sustainability

VI. Summary of Findings and Conclusions

A. Relevance of Activities
B. Communication and Coordination
C. Management and Delivery
D. Sustainability
E. Overall Conclusions


A. LMI Strategic Initiative Strategic Initiative: List of Projects
B. LMI Strategic Initiative Strategic Initiative: Project Details
C. Career Practitioner Associations
D. Instruments: Survey Questionnaires



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