BCSFA Sea Lice Monitoring Results

Salmon farms report lice levels on all farms within specific fish health zones/areas as part of the Sea Lice Management Strategy. Monitoring began in October 2003.

In British Columbia, lice from wild salmon returning from the ocean to spawn can result in an increase in the levels of lice on fish farms in the fall and early winter.  Veterinarians often exercise the option to treat these fish to reduce lice abundance.

The program uses internationally accepted standards for sea lice monitoring.

Map of Fish Health Zones (PDF, 165KB)

Atlantic Salmon Farms

For each zone there is a graph for salmon one year or less in seawater (year class 1) and another for salmon two years or more in seawater (year class 2). The graphs and the tables are in PDF format

Archived Summaries and Graphs: 2003 to 2007 (PDF)

 Sub Zone YTD 2009
2.3 GraphUpdated
2.4 GraphUpdated
3.2 GraphUpdated
3.3 GraphUpdated
3.4 GraphUpdated
3.5 GraphUpdated
All Zones Monthly Summary TablesUpdated



Updated: December 7, 2009