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Vancouver Island Energy Corporation 
Application to the British Columbia Utilities Commission for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for the Vancouver Island Generation Project: Applicant's Final Argument

Final Argument Document

Appendix A:
Utilities Commission Act
Appendix B:
Tab 01 Barnes v Arkansas PSC 1962
Tab 02 BCH v BCUC 1996
Tab 03 GH 4 2001 GSX Decision NEB 2003
Tab 04 Gulf Central WC v EH Bevis 1973
Tab 05 BCG SCP CPCN 1998
Tab 06 Application by West Kootenay Power Decision 1980
Tab 07 Aquila CPCN BCH EPA 2003
Tab 08 WKP CPCN 230 kV Dev Project 2000
Tab 09 Memorial Gardens v Colwood Cemetary 1958
Tab 10 Public Utility Regulation 1969
Tab 11 re Alabama Power Co 1990
Tab 12 re Hamilton 1937
Tab 13 re Irving Oil Ltd. 1986


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