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Policy & Procedures Manuals

Aquaculture and Commercial Fisheries Licensing Policy and Procedures Manual

  1. Fisheries Act

  2. Fisheries Act Regulations

  3. Aquaculture Regulation

  4. Fish Inspection Act

  5. Fish Inspection Regulations    

  6. Fish Buying Station Licence Application form

  7. Samples:

  8. Processing / Cold Storage Licence Application form

  9. Samples:

  10. Fish Vending Licence Application form

  11. Samples:

  12. Fish Broker Licence Application form

  13. Samples:

  14. Application To Harvest Oysters From Vacant Crown Foreshore form

  15. Samples:

  16. Licence to Harvest Marine Plant Application form

  17. Samples:

  18. Application for Commercial Finfish Aquaculture Licence (129kb)

  19. Template for Commercial Finfish Aquaculture Management Plan

  20. Application for Commercial Shellfish Aquaculture Licence (122kb)

  21. Template for Commercial Shellfish Aquaculture Management Plan (95kb)

  22. Samples:

  23. Licence Suspension and Cancellation Policy (112kb)

  24. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

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Updated: December 18, 2003

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