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Letters of instruction from Minister Hogg to the Interim Authority

December 22, 2003
Mr. David Driscoll
Interim Authority for Community Living British Columbia
2752 East 41st Avenune
Vancouver, BC V5R 2X1

Dear David Driscoll:

Thank you for your continuing dedication and commitment to the renewal of the approaches to service delivery in the community living sector through the establishment of community-based governance. Ministry staff and I remained committed to completing this transition to a permanent Community Living Authority by June 2004. We share a common vision of choice, dignity and contribution that extends to every individual with a developmental disability and every child with a special need. It is my expectation that Community Living BC will provide the platform for individuals to assume and receive full citizenship within our communities.

As you know the ministry and the Interim Authority have entered the next phase of this process by appointing a new Interim Authority Board to continue the work on readiness.

As part of this new phase, an independent panel of experts was appointed to undertake an objective assessment of the readiness of the ministry and the Interim Authority for the proposed devolution of community living services by June 2004 as recommended in the Sage Group Report released earlier this year. The Panel has now completed the assessment and has submitted their report titled "Baseline Readiness Assessment of CLS Devolution" to me.

As a result of the Panelís report and of the appointment of a renewed Interim Authority Board, I am replacing my Letter of Instruction to the previous Board sent on March 31, 2003. My new instructions include specific priorities that must be fulfilled by January 31, 2004 in preparation for the appointment of the permanent board and to ensure that readiness to assume service delivery in June 2004 is kept on track. As a recognition that the ministry and Interim Authority will be working closely on these priorities, I am also issuing a letter of instruction to the ministry at the same time. Completion of these priorities by this key date is crucial to the successful transfer of services by the established timelines. It is imperative to me that we continue our progress on this agenda with the full expertise of the entire community living sector including the not-for-profit, private and family care operators.

Instructions for the Interim Authority - the following must be completed by January 31, 2004:


  1. Assist the Ministry in developing a single agreed-upon accountability framework between the Ministry and Community Living British Columbia.

The ministry will lead this process and produce the final document in consultation with the Interim Authority. The framework should include, but is not limited to, the following elements:

    • clearly defined roles and responsibilities of the ministry and the new Authority;
    • identified processes for outlining expectations and assessing performance;
    • consideration of the role of the Planning Commission in relation to the accountability framework; and,
    • clarification of the purpose, functions and responsibilities and terminology used to describe the Community Development Advisory Councils and Governance Boards.

  1. Assist the ministry in preparing a performance agreement that details the specific performance expectations of the Authority.

    The ministry will lead this process and produce the final document in consultation with the Interim Authority. A draft of the performance agreement must be in place by January 31, 2004 and the final agreement must be approved by the permanent Board Chair and myself before funds and service delivery are transferred in June 2004.

    Service Delivery Model

  2. Prepare an implementation plan for the service delivery model for community living services.

    The Interim Authority is instructed to work closely with the Ministry to reach agreement on outstanding issues in relation to the model and the implementation plan. The Ministry and the Interim Authority must jointly approve the implementation plan. Finalizing the service delivery implementation plan is critical as it will have significant impact on operating budgets and staffing allocations.

  3. In partnership with the ministry, prepare a plan detailing how services for children and youth with special needs will be transferred from the ministry to the Authority and how these services will be delivered.

    My April 2002 decision regarding the distribution of services for children and youth with special needs and their families remains in effect. I expect you to work closely with the ministry to develop a joint implementation plan and to consult the CFD planning chairs, as well as the two future CFD Interim Authorities (non-aboriginal and aboriginal child and family development) as appropriate to realize this direction. Their assistance in the development of a full implementation plan for children and youth with special needs and their families is essential. A copy of the decision letter is attached for your information.

    The implementation plan must assure that the health and safety of children and youth with special needs will be protected during transfer of service responsibility and full transition through the move to community-based governance and beyond. In particular, the plan will include details around how children and youth with special needs and their families will access programs and services across Authorities in an organized and seamless manner.


  4. Confirm an interim organization Executive team to work with the ministry until such time that a permanent Executive team is in place.

In order to accomplish the above items by January 31,2004, the Interim Authority must designate a team of staff to work with the ministry.

I look forward to my continuing association and partnership with you and the other members of the Interim Authority Board during this time of change and renewal in the community living sector. I expect to receive a joint progress report from the ministry and the Interim Authority on January 31, 2004.



Gordon Hogg


pc: Chris Haynes
Deputy Minister

Kim Henderson
Assistant Deputy Minister


   Last updated January 6, 2004

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