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Terms of Reference
for Baseline Readiness Assessment of CLS Devolution


The panel of experts will lead an objective assessment of readiness for the devolution of community living services towards a proposed June 2004 date.


Readiness includes six elements:

  • Operational readiness criteria as outlined by KPMG;
  • Service transformation must be successfully underway;
  • Budget stability and sustainability must be achieved;
  • An actual service delivery plan must demonstrate that on day one, service will be delivered well;
  • A transition/implementation plan; and,
  • A high-level of trust must be established among the parties involved in new governance.

As a further detailed assessment of readiness elements will be required closer to the transfer date, this assessment is intended to provide advice and recommendations on the achievement of the June 2004 date, and on the proactive steps required of the Ministry and the Interim Authority to move forward to devolution.


The panel will:

  • Develop a process to assess the status of the achievement of readiness elements;
  • Assess the readiness of the Interim Authority in relation to the June 2004 date.

In undertaking this project, the panel will:

  • Consult with key individuals from the Interim Authority and the Ministry;
  • Review relevant documentation (e.g. Sage report) and best practices for devolution of similar entities:
  • Review and incorporate previous direction given to CLBC (e.g. Memorandum of Understanding, Letter of Instruction, agreed to modification to the KPMG readiness criteria);
  • Address readiness with regard to services for adults with developmental disabilities and services for children with special needs, recognizing that readiness may differ for the two groups;
  • Develop a detailed project plan that ensures the work of the Panel can be satisfactorily completed by December 12, 2003;
  • Arrange logistics and infrastructure support for the panel to undertake the assessment; and,
  • Maintain regular liaison with the Deputy Minister and the Assistant Deputy Minister of Transition Services to facilitate the work of the Panel.



By December 12, 2003, produce a written report on readiness, accompanied by recommendations to the Deputy Minister. Specifically, the report will:

  • Document progress on the readiness elements;
  • Assess if the current work is acceptable;
  • Identify weakness or gaps that need to be addressed prior to the transfer;
  • Identify what elements of the readiness criteria can wait to be completed once the new governance arrangement is implemented;
  • Identify what timeline is realistic for completion of the remaining elements, and specifically report on the extent to which a transfer of responsibility of adult and childrenís services in June 2004 is achievable;
  • If in the Panelís opinion the June 2004 is not achievable in part or in whole, make recommendations regarding timelines and strategies for both the Ministry and the Interim Authority that may expedite and ensure an effective transition; and,
  • Identify key learnings from this assessment process to inform the future assessment of the child and family development and aboriginal authorities.

   Last updated December 9, 2003

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