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Deputy Minister Announces Panel to Assess Readiness for CLS Governance

October 21, 2003

The Sage Group report, Governance - Some Considerations, provided the ministry with recommendations to successfully achieve its goals over the next two years, specifically the move to community governance. The report recommended that readiness elements be considered by a panel of experts to assess the overall state of readiness of the proposed governance authorities prior to any transfer to permanent authorities.

The devolution of MCFD Community Living Services is currently scheduled for June 2004. I am therefore announcing today the appointment of a panel of experts to lead an independent assessment of the state of readiness for the devolution of Community Living Services.

The three panel members, Bert Boyd, Arlene Gladstone and Vince Collins, have extensive experience in the health management, governance, human and public services fields. The panel will consult with key individuals from the Interim Authority and MCFD to develop a comprehensive assessment of readiness for both services for adults with developmental disabilities and for children with special needs.

Terms of reference for the assessment have been developed. Readiness includes six elements:

  1. KPMG Operational Readiness Criteria,
  2. Service transformation successfully underway,
  3. Achievement of budget stability and sustainability,
  4. A service delivery plan that demonstrates service will be delivered well,
  5. A transition implementation plan, and
  6. Trust established among the parties involved in new governance.

The panel will assess the readiness elements and provide recommendations, in particular, on whether June 2004 is achievable. The panel will also make recommendations regarding timelines and strategies for both the ministry and the Interim Authority that may expedite and ensure an effective transition. A written report will be provided to me by December 12, 2003.

The work of the panel is another important milestone in the move to community governance. For information on the terms of reference and biographies of panel members, click here.

Chris Haynes

   Last updated December 9, 2003

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