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Jumbo Glacier Resort Project

Assessment Report Continued...

Assessment Report (PDF)

Appendix A - Project Reviewability
Appendix B - Scope, Procedures and Methods of the EA Review
Appendix C - Report on Public Views and Interests

Appendix C - A: Assessment of the Adequacy of Measures Being Implemented for Public and First Nations Notification, Access to Information and Consultation (December 13, 1996)

Appendix C - B: Jumbo Glacier Resort Project: Consultation Assessment (January 28, 2004)

Appendix C - C: Proponent’s Summary of Public Consultation Activities conducted by the Proponent during the EA review of the Project Report

Appendix C - D: Jumbo Glacier Project Committee Responses to Views Expressed and Issues Identified by the Public with Respect to the Proposed Jumbo Glacier Alpine Resort Project (December 13, 1996)

Appendix C - E: Analysis of Public Submissions Received During Jumbo Glacier Draft Project Report Specifications Public Comment Period: December 18, 1996 to February 20, 1997

Appendix C - F: Project Committee/Review Agency Responses to Public comments on the Draft Specifications, as flagged in July 4, 1997 Chart: Tabulation of Public Comments received during Public Comment Period on Draft Project Report Specifications – December 18, 1996 to February 20, 1997

Appendix D - Local Government Response Documents
Appendix E - Measures Proposed to Address First Nations' Asserted Interests
Appendix F - Compendium of Proponent Commitments
Appendix G - Permits, Licences and Approvals

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