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Resource Analysis Guide for Sustainable Resource Management Planning

The Resource Analysis Guide is one of a series of guidelines and supporting materials for Sustainable Resource Management Planning (SRMP). Other guides available on MSRM’s website include: First Nations Consultation Guidelines; Writing Resource Objectives and Strategies: A Guide to Preparing Effective Resource Management Plans; and a soon to be released document on standards for SRMP. These materials will be supported by a web-based training program that should be available before the end of January 2005.

The ever-changing nature of resource analysis dictates a flexible approach to the topic. The Resource Analysis Guide will be updated and improved as necessary. There are two sections in Chapter 4 that remain under development in consultation with the Ministry of Energy and Mines – they are sections on Mineral Resources, and Oil and Gas. It is anticipated that these will be completed in the next few months and added to the MSRM website at that time.

The Resource Analysis Guide is a unique work that describes in detail the workings of analysis in land use planning. While meant for a technical and professional audience, it will also provide managers and the public with a comprehensive look at how information is obtained and used in planning. In that way, the guide will make planning more accountable and transparent for such things as project budgeting – of interest to the manager; and when reviewing the final contents of the plan – of obvious interest to the public. While developed for SRM planning, much of the guide is also applicable to land and resource management planning and other forms of strategic land use planning.

Resource Analysis Guide for SRM Planning (Volume 1) (1.37 MB PDF)
Resource Analysis Guide for SRM Planning (Volume 2 - Appendices) (496KB PDF)

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