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March 18, 2005

B.C. and Alberta Work Together on Ports, Pine-beetle

A joint cabinet meeting between the governments of British Columbia and Alberta has resulted in measures and funding to mitigate the impact of the mountain pine beetle and expand export gateways to Asia.

Alberta and B.C. have agreed to work together to establish new economic gateways that will allow access to vast and rapidly growing markets in China and other Asian countries. The provinces have also agreed to:

  • Endorse the B.C. Ports Strategy (pdf document) and commit to move forward with implementation.
  • Provide funding to support completion of a West Coast Container Super Port feasibility study by the end of March 2005.
  • Develop a northern airports strategy.

A Mountain Pine Beetle Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

Address widespread damage by the mountain pine beetle in the Peace Region of B.C. A five-year renewable MOA has been signed to share a one-year cost of $1.65 million for beetle control and mitigation. British Columbia will contribute $900,000 and Alberta will contribute $742,000.  It is hoped that shared action between the two provinces will lead to more effective negotiations on the mountain pine beetle at the federal level.

A Bilateral Water Management Negotiations Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

The MOU will initiate and guide negotiation of a B.C.-Alberta bilateral water management agreement on how the provinces share and protect their common water resources.

2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (MOU)

The MOU will assist the provinces in sharing Olympic and Paralympic training and competition facilities to develop high performance athletes and sport tourism initiatives.

Two additional MOUs were signed in advance of the meeting:

  • An MOU to facilitate the sharing of information and best practices around labour market programming. This will improve services and employment opportunities for residents of each province who face barriers to employment. 
  • A five-year MOU between Alberta’s Education Learning Resources Centre and the B.C. Ministry of Education and the Special Education Technology (SET-BC) program. The agreement affirms the interests of all partners to work together to explore opportunities to improve services to students from both provinces with special needs.
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