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April 5, 2005


Auditor General encourages government to continue its efforts to implement a management approach focussed on achieving results.

VICTORIA — The Auditor General, Wayne Strelioff, urges government to provide the strong leadership needed to support managing-for-results efforts across British Columbia’s ministries.

Strelioff released his report today on government’s efforts to implement a management approach that encourages ministries to focus their efforts on achieving results, entitled “Building Momentum for Results-Based Management.”

Strelioff is supportive of results-based management, which relies on formal management processes to drive organizations to achieve outcomes that matter to British Columbians.

Strelioff states, “I believe this approach is good management practice that, ultimately, will lead to improvements in government’s performance and provide better information for legislators and the public alike to hold government to account for its results.”

Although Strelioff acknowledges that the government has taken important steps to encourage ministries to focus on results, he stresses that sustained leadership and commitment will be necessary to fully realize results-based management in government.  In an “Agenda for Action,” he urges government to identify an executive sponsor to champion, monitor and coordinate the government’s efforts across its ministries. “This,” he argues, “will send a strong message that results-based management is here to stay and that efforts to implement this approach should continue.”

In this report, Strelioff also provides practical advice for implementing managing for results in a ministry environment. The lessons were derived from the experiences of three B.C. ministries that agreed to participate in the study. The case studies revealed that although implementing this approach can be challenging, results-based management supports improvements in performance, enhances transparency, provides better information for decision-making and allows organizations to better communicate their importance to the citizens of British Columbia.

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2004/05 Report #13 –  Building Momentum for Results-Based Management

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