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Riverview Lands Information Open House
Fraser Health and BCBC held an information open house regarding the construction of new 24-bed specialized residential facility on the Riverview Lands on February 4, 2004. 

For detailed information see:
Open House InformationAdobe Acrobat PDF
Lands and Hospital StatusAdobe Acrobat PDF

A series of panels and a handout provided detail on the various aspects of the project with members of the Planning Team stationed at each panel to answer questions. Comment forms were provided to attendees.
(see summary of  written comments)

While the City of Coquitlam does not require a public consultation process for a building permit to be issued, BCBC and FH were committed to sharing information and hearing what attendees had to say. Project team members have reviewed and considered these comments as they have moved forward in planning and implementing their specific area of expertise.

The following provides event logistics, an overview of information shared and a summary of key points raised by the public.

Notification - The local community received open house notification via ads in local publications and the distribution of email notices by community groups. Local media also ran stories profiling the event and information.

Purpose - The purpose of the information open house was to share information about the proposed facility and to provide an update on the status of the Lands and future potential planning activities.

Major Points - Information was divided into three sections:

Riverview Hospital Redevelopment Project - provided an overview of the status of the project and changes in the Mental Healthcare Delivery Model, per the BC Mental Health Plan.

Cottonwood Lodge Facility - provided an overview of the programming needs, the physical description of the building and the process for siting and developing the facility with local community groups.

Land Use Planning at Riverview (status) - provided a summary of the status of the lands, identified that land use planning is not taking place and provided an outline of the next steps and activities associated with the transition period at Riverview.

Issues Identified

General Findings:
As expected, specific concerns among participants varied, but some consistent themes emerged. Particularly, attendees advocated for ensuring:

  • the site maintain its natural and historic character
  • patients and patient programming continue to be the driving element in decisions at Riverview
  • existing footprints or brown spaces be used for any new construction
  • existing buildings be renovated to accommodate required programs
  • fiscal responsibility be exercised in all planning and decision-making
  • patients stay at Riverview - it's their home
  • more patients be moved into facilities like Connolly and Cottonwood Lodges more quickly
  • trees and greenspaces be protected.

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