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Laboratory Services /
Sampling, Methods and Quality Assurance

British Columbia Laboratory Methods Manual: 2003

— for the Analysis of Water, Wastewater, Sediment, Biological Materials and Discrete Ambient Air Samples.

August 2003

In cooperation with the BC Laboratory Quality Assurance Advisory Committee, the Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection has produced the 2003 edition of the British Columbia Laboratory Methods Manual. The manual provides laboratory methodology for the analysis of water, wastewater, sediment, biological materials and discrete ambient air samples. This publication supercedes the 1994 version of the manual and incorporates both the 1994 Supplement #1 and the 1998 Ambient Air Supplement #2 to the manual, in addition to providing updated laboratory methods,

The Laboratory Methods Manual is available in PDF. Because of the large size of the file, it is broken into nine sections for ease of access:

Title Page
PDF: 24 KB / 4 pages

Section A: Laboratory Quality Assurance / Quality Control
PDF: 190 KB / 23 pages

Section B: Physical, Inorganic and Miscellaneous Constituents
PDF: 447 KB / 116 pages

Section C: Metals
PDF: 629 KB / 172 pages

Section D: Organic Constituents and Compounds
PDF: 945 KB / 279 pages

Section E: Microbiological Examination
PDF: 380 KB / 104 pages

Section F: Toxicity Test Methods
PDF: 175 KB / 24 pages

Section G: Air Constituents — Inorganic
PDF: 284 KB / 67 pages

Section H: Air Constituents — Organic
PDF: 206 KB / 29 pages

Adobe Acrobat's PDF Reader for free here. This software will enable you to read and print reports that are in "portable document format" (PDF).

updated: March 2004


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