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Considering the ATA as an Option to the Inquiry Act Powers


As part of British Columbia's administrative justice reform initiative, the Administrative Tribunals Act (ATA) was enacted in 2004 to provide British Columbia tribunals with modern, consistent powers and authorities. Consideration is now being given to extending those powers and authorities to other entities.

The first aspect to be considered is whether to extend the ATA immunity protection, summons powers and contempt powers to the various entities that still rely on the Inquiry Act as the basis for their authority in those areas. There are approximately 50 such entities, and they include various ministers and statutory decision makers, certain self governing professional bodies, some local government entities and several Officers of the Legislature.

These papers are intended to prompt discussion about the needs of the particular entity and the possibility of replacing their reliance on Inquiry Act provisions for immunity protection, summons powers and contempt powers with the ATA provisions. The next step will be to develop criteria to determine what is required, and consult with the affected entities.

Your thoughts and ideas about these Inquiry Act powers and whether and how they should apply to the affected entities are important to assist the AJO in developing criteria, and you are invited to share those thoughts and ideas with the Ministry of Attorney General's Administrative Justice Office at:

PO Box 9210 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, BC
V8W 9J1

Fax: 250-387-0079

Or you can use the Feedback option on
the AJO Web site at:

Submission of comments by April 28, 2006 would be appreciated.

Statutory Immunity: A Discussion Paper Adobe Acrobat Required. (PDF - 213KB)

The Power to Compel Evidence: A Discussion Paper Adobe Acrobat Required. (PDF - 199KB)

The Power to Take Action for Contempt: A Discussion Paper Adobe Acrobat Required. (PDF - 184KB)


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