Malahat Corridor Study


In July 2005, a comprehensive study began to identify and assess all options for increasing safety and capacity through the Highway 1/Malahat/Goldstream Park corridor, north of Victoria, with a goal of reducing collision-related road closures.

A number of improvements have been made to the Malahat in recent years, however, the corridor is under increasing pressure as the economy and population of southern Vancouver Island continues to grow.

The ability to improve this corridor is constrained by a number of factors such as difficult terrain, designated parkland, a sensitive environment and the watershed for Greater Victoria's water supply. This extensive study will provide alternatives and options to improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of the Malahat corridor.

The ministry has no favoured option at this time. All options will be explored, ranging from highway realignments, to widening the existing route, to bridges, to increased rail and ferry service. The recommended options may be a combination of improvements.