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The Group Lodging Operational Guidelines are to assist ESS teams working at a Group Lodging facility. It includes guiding principles, organizational structure, function checklists, and function aids (e.g. forms, instructions, etc.) for a fully expanded Group Lodging facility response.

The Director of the ESS Office gives permission for any individual to modify and adapt the guidelines in any way that is required to meet their specific emergency planning needs for their respective community.

Table of Contents

Title Page and Table of Contents
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Section 1 - Introduction and Overview updated
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Section 2 - Group Lodging Function Checklists updated
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Section 3 - Group Lodging Function Aids updated
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Section 4 - Acronyms and Glossary
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GL OPERATIONAL GUIDELINES.ZIP - Download the Complete Group Lodging Operational Guidelines in MS Word in ZIP format (4.95MB) updated

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The Emergency Social Services (ESS) Office would like to recognize the following people and/or groups for their contribution and support with the creation of these operational guidelines:

  • City of Victoria / Township of Esquimalt
  • Emergency Management Division of the the Justice Institute of British Columbia

Volunteer reviewers :

  • Wayne Hartley
  • Clare Fletcher

During the development of this document, many other ESS volunteers and staff have also provided their feeback so, to all who have had a hand in establishing these guidelines we say Thank you.

These Operational Guidelines are a living document and may be amended from time to time to reflect changing operational needs.

Jeff Cornell, Manager
ESS Office
Provincial Emergency Program


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