Environmental Studies: Information Sheets
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South Fraser Perimeter Road Project
Environmental Studies - Information Sheets

As part of pre-design planning and development for the application for an Environmental Assessment Certificate (EAC), impact assessment studies were conducted along the corridor to determine the potential effects of the Project on a number of environmental values

In addition, following information sheets are also available regarding the environmental studies undertaken as part of this process.

Project Background(PDF, 75 KB)

Burns Bog(PDF, 85 KB)

Agriculture(PDF, 81 KB)

Air Quality(PDF, 75 KB)

Archaeology(PDF, 76 KB)

Contaminated Sites(PDF, 75 KB)

First Nations(PDF, 81 KB)

Fisheries(PDF, 76 KB)

Hydrogeology(PDF, KB)

Noise(PDF, 81 KB)

Socio-community(PDF, 75 KB)

Socio-economic(PDF, 75 KB)

Water Quality(PDF, 75 KB)

Wildlife and Vegetation(PDF, 75 KB)