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Concrete and Concrete Products Industry Code of Practice

The Ministry of Environment has established a "code of practice" (Minister's regulation) that addresses discharges to the environment from the concrete and concrete products industry under provisions of the Environmental Management Act (EMA) and the Waste Discharge Regulation (WDR).

The concrete and concrete products industry includes operations which manufacture ready mix and pre-formed concrete. The industry is considered by the Ministry to be appropriate for management and regulation under a code of practice. Although ready mix and pre-formed concrete plant operations do not generally pose high threats to the environment, there are a number of environmental risks that may be realized if appropriate environmental management practices are not followed, including contamination of ground and / or surface water and air emissions of fine and / or coarse particulates.

The code of practice establishes province-wide standards for waste discharge from the concrete and concrete products industry. Operations included in the definition of "concrete and concrete products industry" under WDR of EMA are required to comply with all relevant provisions of EMA, WDR and the code. Specifically, EMA prohibits the introduction of waste into the environment "in such a manner or quantity as to cause pollution."

The code addresses air quality management, discharge of process water and storm water and the management of waste solids — as well as registration, monitoring, record keeping and enforcement.

Registration under this code of practice is required as of March 01, 2008.

Code of Practice for the Concrete and Concrete Products Industry (159 KB / 5 pages)

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Updated: November 2007


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