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July 11, 2008


Kamloops small scale salvage program gets good audit result

VICTORIA – A Forest Practices Board audit of the Kamloops Forest District’s small scale salvage program has found compliance with the law and good program oversight, but did note some room for improvement in forest practices and enforcement procedures.

“The board congratulates the Kamloops Forest District on its overall management of the small scale salvage program,” said board chair Bruce Fraser. “We encourage the district to strengthen its enforcement practices related to risk assessment and inspection coverage and to maintain the effective program control observed in the audit.”

“The district has been experiencing a large scale epidemic of mountain pine beetle during the last several years,” Fraser said. “A key purpose of the program is to recover timber that would otherwise be lost as a result of factors such as fire, wind, insects and diseases, and the Kamloops operation has been successful in this regard.”

The audit examined 100 small scale salvage licences for compliance with forest practices legislation; appropriateness of government’s enforcement of forest practice activities carried out by licensees; and program consistency with strategic plans, as they relate to forest practices.

The audit found good timber harvesting, forest fuel hazard management, and silviculture practices, and associated planning, carried out by licensees in the small scale salvage program . However, it identified several instances of excessive soil disturbance and some areas where reforestation could be more effective, though the practices in question all met legal requirements. Deficiencies in enforcement were also identified, but the district’s overall program controls made up for weaknesses in risk assessment and inspection practices.

The Forest Practices Board is B.C.’s independent watchdog for sound forest and range practices, reporting its findings and recommendations directly to the public and government. The board:

  • audits forest and range practices on public lands;
  • audits appropriateness of government enforcement;
  • investigates public complaints;
  • undertakes special investigations of current forestry issues;
  • participates in administrative appeals; and
  • makes recommendations for improvement to practices and legislation.




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