Community Living Eligibility Criteria Remains the Same

July 25, 2008

Recent media reports and advocacy groups have expressed concern over the regulatory amendment to the Community Living Authority Act that outlines the eligibility requirements for adult community living services.

Here are the facts on the regulatory amendment:

  • The amendment does not change how Community Living BC assesses a developmental disability or determines eligibility for their services or supports.
  • No adults with developmental disabilities will stop receiving services from Community Living BC.
  • The regulation outlines IQ 70 as part of the definition of a developmental disability and defines “impaired adaptive functioning” in relation to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition.
  • The amended regulation now matches the existing policy that Community Living BC uses to determine eligibility for adult community living services.
  • The eligibility criteria are consistent with most other jurisdictions in Canada.
  • The amendment was in response to a court decision stating eligibility criteria for adult community living services must be legislated.
  • The amendment is an interim measure while the Province determines the best method to provide services to adults with developmental disabilities who do not meet the Community Living BC criteria.
  • The Province will continue to review the eligibility criteria for adult community living services.

By placing Community Living BC under the new Ministry of Housing and Social Development, the Province is better able to integrate services and create more comprehensive supports for adults with disabilities. The Government will continue to work with the disability community to identify problems and develop solutions – ensuring adults with disabilities have easier access to a wide range of supports.