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British Columbia. Environmental Assessment Office
In the matter of the Environmental Assessment Act, S.B.C. 2002, C. 43 (Act) and in the Matter of Environmental Assessment Certificate E06-05 (certificate) Held by Tipella Creek Project Limited Partnership ... for the Construction and Operation of the Upper Harrison Water Power Project (project) : Amendment #3 (amendment) to the Certificate

Amended Certificate
Letter from Proponent to EAO requesting Amending the Certificate to three independent certificates applicable to the respective company name only, Amendment 3
August 21, 2008 Letter from Proponent to EAO
Attachment 1 Archaeology Branch Permit - dated January 17, 2008
Attachment 2 First Nations Letter - dated February 15, 2008
Attachment 3 Ecofish - Sloquet TL Amendment Report  - dated July 14, 2008
Attachment 4 Keystone Wildlife Report - dated June 24, 2008
August 21, 2008 Amendment
Sept. 4, 2008 Letter to Proponent re EAC amendment process


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