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This document dated for reference the 17th day of June, 1999.

Memorandum of Agreement on Gaming Policy


The Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM)


The Government of British Columbia (the Province):

The Province and UBCM have agreed to govern their relationship with respect to gaming issues according to the following principles:

The Province:

  1. affirms the jurisdiction of local governments, specifically with respect to their land-use and bylaw making powers;
  2. affirms the ability of local governments to make decisions as to whether new facilities or re-located facilities will be permitted within their boundaries;
  3. affirms the ability of local governments to direct and define the extent, scope and type of casino and bingo gaming permitted within their boundaries. It also affirms the ability of local government to decide whether slot machines or other similar devices could be placed within their boundaries;
  4. will provide an independent and transparent selection process for new and relocated gaming facilities;
  5. will share gaming revenue with local governments as set out in the White Paper;
  6. will share gaming revenue with local governments that host gaming facilities, regardless of their stated opposition to gaming, and without the adoption of a Council/Board resolution;
  7. will consult in a meaningful way with local government in the development of gaming policy changes that may affect local governments;
  8. will consult in a meaningful way with local government regarding the form and content of gaming legislation before it is introduced into the Legislature;
  9. will ensure that charities are guaranteed an ongoing source of revenue from gaming and that eligibility rules for this funding will be maintained;
  10. will ensure that there is a legislative mechanism for consultation/mediation with adjacent communities; and
  11. reaffirms its commitment that video lottery terminals will not be permitted in British Columbia.

The UBCM intends to:

  1. actively and cooperatively work with the Province in the development of comprehensive gaming legislation.

The Province and UBCM intend to:

  1. bring resolution to existing and future disputes through negotiations, where possible, and in a manner consistent with the principles of this Agreement.

These principles will govern the parties’ actions with respect to gaming henceforth, and until legislation consistent with these principles is passed in the Legislature.


Original signed by: Original signed by:
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John Ranta   Honourable Jenny Kwan
President of UBCM   Minister of Municipal Affairs


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