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Index for:  Pacific Great Eastern Railway Lands: Survey of Resources.
Report and Maps

Report volumes (as PDF files):

Report. Part I Chief Engineer's report, Summary reports.
Report. Part 2. Vol. 1 Detailed reports
Report. Part 2. Vol. 2 Resources with special reference to geology and mineralogy.
Maps. Part 1 Pdf of complete volume not available. See individual map files listed below.
Maps. Part 2 PDF of complete volume not available. See individual map files listed below.
  - Maps in pocket
  - West Lillooet Block -Agriculture and forest
  - West Cariboo Block -Agriculture and forest
  - East Cariboo Block -Agriculture and forest
  - Peace River Block -Agriculture and forest
Photographs Photographs
Maps and Photographs Contains only the photographs. Partial maps (Maps M to P) below.
- Map M. Agriculture. Peace River Block (former Dominion lands)
  - Map N. Forest. Peace River Block (former Dominion lands)
  - Map O. Geology. Peace River Block (former Dominion lands)
  - Map. P. Photographs. Peace River Block (former Dominion lands)


Maps. Part 1:

Map Title tif File jpeg File
No. 1 British Columbia key map. Aid blocks outlined in colour LL7_tif_119.50 MB LL7_jpeg_1.03 MB
No. 2 Key map. Blocks and sectional sheets outlined in colour LL8_tif_116.47 MB LL8_jpeg_2.89 MB
No. 3 Missing No file No file
No. 4 Peace River Aid Block. Triangulation control LL9_tif_120.01 MB LL9_jpeg_2.52 MB
No. 5 Southern blocks. Physical LL6_tif_119.43 MB LL6_jpeg_3.01 MB
No. 6 Peace River Block. Physical LL5_tif_121.11 MB LL5_jpeg_3.01 MB
No. 7 Southern blocks. Agriculture LL4_tif_121.94 MB LL4_jpeg_2.95 MB
No. 8 Peace River Block. Agriculture LL3_tif_120.06 MB LL3_jpeg_2.77 MB
No. 9 Southern blocks. Forest LL1_tif_116.50 MB LL1_jpeg_3.15 MB 
No. 10 Peace River Block. Forest LL2_tif_120.56 MB LL2_jpeg_3.00 MB
No. 11 Missing No file No file
No. 12 Missing No file No file
No. 13 Peace River Block. Minerals LL10_tif_121.20 MB LL10_jpeg_3.00 MB
No. 14 Southern blocks. Water LL12_tif_115.81 MB LL12_jpeg_4.57 MB
No. 15 Peace River Block. Water LL13_tif_114.30 MB LL13_jpeg_4.28 MB
No. 16 East Cariboo Block LL14_tif_223.70 MB LL14_jpeg_4.16 MB
No. 17 West Cariboo Block No file No file
No. 18 West Lillooet Block LL15_tif_260.27 MB LL15_jpeg_3.23 MB
No. 19 Peace River Block LL16_tif_577.40 MB LL16_jpeg_3.99 MB
No. 20 Rocky Mountain Canyon, Peace River Block LL11_tif_116.35 MB LL11_jpeg_4.12 MB

Maps. Part 2:

Maps in pocket:

Map Title tif File jpeg File
No. 21 East Cariboo Block. Agriculture LL25_tif_248.00 LL25_jpeg_3.62
No. 22 West Cariboo Block. Agriculture LL26_tif_239.02 LL26_jpeg_3.45
No. 23 West Lillooet Block. Agriculture LL27_tif_297.61 LL27_jpeg_2.87
No. 24 Peace River Block. Agriculture LL23_tif_589.25 LL23_jpeg_3.59
No. 25 East Cariboo Block. Forest LL28_tif_252.91 LL28_jpeg_3.70  
No. 26 West Cariboo Block. Forest LL29_tif_244.41 LL29_jpeg_2.79
No. 27 West Lillooet Block. Forest LL22_tif_305.79 jLL22_jpeg_2.90
No. 28 Peace River Block. Forest LL24_tif_252.91 LL24_jpeg_3.61


West Lillooet Block:

Page Sheet no. Title tif File jpeg File
[1] None Key map. Blocks and sectional sheets outlined in colour LL30_tif_120.19 LL30_jpeg_2.85
[2] 1 West Lillooet Block. Agriculture LL31_tif_118.50 LL31_jpeg_2.15
[3] 1 West Lillooet Block. Forest LL32_tif_116.29 LL32_jpeg_2.39
[4] 2 West Lillooet Block. Agriculture LL33_tif_116.58 LL33_peg_2.36
[5] 2 West Lillooet Block. Forest LL34_tif_116.37 LL34_jpeg_2.52
[6] 3 West Lillooet Block. Agriculture LL35_tif_115.95 LL35_jpeg_2.45
[7] 3 West Lillooet Block. Forest LL36_tif_117.20 LL36_jpeg_2.47
[8] 4 West Lillooet Block. Agriculture LL37_tif_118.69 LL37_jpeg_2.28
[9] 4 West Lillooet Block. Forest LL38_tif_117.21 LL38_peg_2.42
[10] 5 West Lillooet Block. Agriculture LL39_tif_117.06 LL39_peg_2.19
[11] 5 West Lillooet Block. Forest LL40_tif_118.73 LL40_jpeg_2.21
[12] 6 West Lillooet Block. Agriculture LL41_tif_118.20 LL41_jpeg_2.16
[13] 6 West Lillooet Block. Forest LL42_tif_117.31 LL42_jpeg_3.17
[14] 7 West Lillooet Block. Agriculture LL43_tif_116.90 LL43_jpeg_3.31
[15] 7 West Lillooet Block. Forest LL44_tif_116.32 LL44_jpeg_3.60
[16] 8 West Lillooet Block. Agriculture LL45_tif_116.77 LL45_jpeg_3.48
[17] 8 West Lillooet Block. Forest LL46_tif_117.42 LL46_jpeg_3.73
[18] None Blank page No file No file


West Cariboo Block:

Page Sheet no. Title tif File jpeg File
[19] None Key map. Blocks and sectional sheets outlined in colour LL47_tif_116.97 LL47_jpeg_4.11
[20] 1 West Cariboo Block. Agriculture LL48_tif_117.26 LL48_jpeg_3.38
[21] 1 West Cariboo Block. Forest LL49_tif_116.34 LL49_jpeg_3.49
[22] 2 West Cariboo Block. Agriculture LL50_tif_116.91 LL50_jpeg_3.20
[23] 2 West Cariboo Block. Forest LL51_tif_116.59 LL51_jpeg_3.17
[24] 3 West Cariboo Block. Agriculture LL52_tif_116.70 LL52_jpeg_3.45
[25] 3 West Cariboo Block. Forest LL53_tif_116.36 LL53_jpeg_3.49
[26] 4 West Cariboo Block. Agriculture LL54_tif_116.39 LL54_jpeg_3.01
[27] 4 West Cariboo Block. Forest LL55_tif_116.61 LL55_jpeg_3.05
[28] 5 West Cariboo Block. Agriculture LL56_tif_117.89 LL56_jpeg_3.00
[29] 5 West Cariboo Block. Forest LL57_tif_116.40 LL57_jpeg_3.02
[30] 6 West Cariboo Block. Agriculture LL58_tif_117.68 LL58_jpeg_3.35
[31] 6 West Cariboo Block. Forest LL59_tif_116.29 LL59_jpeg_3.61
[32] 7 West Cariboo Block. Agriculture LL60_tif_117.31 LL60_jpeg_3.60
[33] 7 West Cariboo Block. Forest LL61_tif_117.78 LL61_jpeg_3.68
[34] 8 West Cariboo Block. Agriculture LL62_tif_116.41 LL62_jpeg_3.33
[35] 8 West Cariboo Block. Forest LL63_tif_116.90 LL63_jpeg_3.26
[36] 9 West Cariboo Block. Agriculture LL64_tif_117.06 LL64_jpeg_3.49
[37] 9 West Cariboo Block. Forest LL65_tif_116.88 LL65_jpeg_3.43
[38] 10 West Cariboo Block. Agriculture LL66_tif_116.98 LL66_jpeg_3.44
[39] 10 West Cariboo Block. Forest LL67_tif_116.24 LL64_jpeg_3.49
[40] None Blank page No file No file


East Cariboo Block:

Page Sheet no. Title tif File jpeg File
[41] None Key map. Blocks and sectional sheets outlined in colour LL68_tif_116.88 LL68_peg_4.25
[42] 1 East Lillooet Block. Agriculture LL69_tif_117.94 LL69_jpeg_3.31
[43] 1 East Lillooet Block. Forest LL70_tif_117.03 LL70_jpeg_3.38
[44] 2 East Lillooet Block. Agriculture LL71_tif_116.94 LL71_jpeg_3.45
[45] 2 East Lillooet Block. Forest LL72_tif_117.20 LL72_jpeg_3.63
[46] 3 East Lillooet Block. Agriculture LL73_tif_117.11 LL73_jpeg_3.15
[47] 3 East Lillooet Block. Forest LL74_tif_116.86 LL74_jpeg_3.06
[48] 4 East Lillooet Block. Agriculture LL75_tif_116.62 LL75_jpeg_3.48
[49] 4 East Lillooet Block. Forest LL76_tif_117.02 LL76_jpeg_3.67
[50] 5 East Lillooet Block. Agriculture LL77_tif_116.44 LL77_jpeg_3.14
[51] 5 East Lillooet Block. Forest LL78_tif_116.60 LL78_jpeg_3.30
[52] 6 East Lillooet Block. Agriculture LL79_tif_116.72 LL79_jpeg_3.47
[53] 6 East Lillooet Block. Forest LL80_tif_116.34 LL80_jpeg_3.53
[54] 7 East Lillooet Block. Agriculture LL81_tif_116.44 LL81_jpeg_3.29
[55] 7 East Lillooet Block. Forest LL82_tif_116.49 LL82_jpeg_3.24
[56] 8 East Lillooet Block. Agriculture LL83_tif_117.16 LL83_jpeg_3.61
[57] 8 East Lillooet Block. Forest LL84_tif_116.84 LL84_jpeg_3.69
[58] 9 East Lillooet Block. Agriculture LL85_tif_116.88 LL85_jpeg_3.41
[59] 9 East Lillooet Block. Forest LL86_tif_116.44 LL84_jpeg_3.69
[60] None Blank page No file No file


Peace River Block:

Page Sheet no. Title tif File jpeg File
[61] None Key map. Blocks and sectional sheets outlined in colour LL87_tif_116.22 LL87_jpeg_4.05
[62] 1 Peace River Block. Agriculture LL88_tif_117.36 LL88_jpeg_3.35
[63] 1 Peace River Block. Forest LL89_tif_116.40 LL89_jpeg_3.52
[64] 2 Peace River Block. Agriculture LL90_tif_115.96 LL90_jpeg_3.19
[65] 2 Peace River Block. Forest LL91_tif_115.98 LL91_jpeg_3.56
[66] 3 Peace River Block. Agriculture LL92_tif_115.96 LL92_jpeg_3.14
[67] 3 Peace River Block. Forest LL93_tif_155.89 LL93_jpeg_3.27
[68] 4 Peace River Block. Agriculture LL94_tif_115.85 LL94_jpeg_3.72
[69] 4 Peace River Block. Forest LL95_tif_116.32 LL95_jpeg_3.53
[70] 5 Peace River Block. Agriculture LL96_tif_116.38 LL96_jpeg_3.45
[71] 5 Peace River Block. Forest LL97_tif_115.80 LL97_jpeg_3.57
[72] 6 Peace River Block. Agriculture LL98_tif_116.61 LL98_jpeg_3.35
[73] 6 Peace River Block. Forest LL99_tif_115.66 LL99_jpeg_3.57
[74] 7 Peace River Block. Agriculture LL100_tif_115.20 LL100_jpeg_3.17
[75] 7 Peace River Block. Forest LL101_tif_116.28 LL101_jpeg_3.75
[76] 8 Peace River Block. Agriculture LL102_tif_115.92 LL102_jpeg_3.23
[77] 8 Peace River Block. Forest LL103_tif_116.70 LL103_jpeg_3.44
[78] 9 Peace River Block. Agriculture LL104_tif_116.87 LL104_jpeg_3.41
[79] 9 Peace River Block. Forest LL105_tif_118.67 LL105_jpeg_2.98
[80] 10 Peace River Block. Agriculture LL106_tif_115.25 LL106_jpeg_3.73
[81] 10 Peace River Block. Forest LL107_tif_115.36 LL107_jpeg_3.90
[82] 11 Peace River Block. Agriculture LL108_tif_117.20 LL108_jpeg_3.73
[83] 11 Peace River Block. Forest LL109_tif_115.94 LL109_jpeg_3.51
[84] 12 Peace River Block. Agriculture LL110_tif_116.21 LL110_jpeg_3.21
[85] 12 Peace River Block. Forest LL111_tif_115.06 LL111_jpeg_3.47
[86] 13 Peace River Block. Agriculture LL112_tif_117.02 LL112_jpeg_3.49
[87] 13 Peace River Block. Forest LL113_tif_116.05 LL113_jpeg_3.68
[88] 14 Peace River Block. Agriculture LL114_tif_116.41 LL114_jpeg_3.47
[89] 14 Peace River Block. Forest LL115_tif_116.85 LL115_jpeg_3.66
[90] 15 Peace River Block. Agriculture LL116_tif_116.45 LL116_jpeg_3.47
[91] 15 Peace River Block. Forest LL117_tif_115.46 LL117_jpeg_3.38
[92] 16 Peace River Block. Agriculture LL118_tif_116.53 LL118_jpeg_3.43
[93] 16 Peace River Block. Forest LL119_tif_116.33 LL119_jpeg_3.53
[94] 17 Peace River Block. Agriculture LL120_tif_116.71 LL120_jpeg_3.38
[95] 17 Peace River Block. Forest LL121_tif_116.39 LL121_jpeg_3.44
[96] 18 Peace River Block. Agriculture LL122_tif_115.94 LL122_jpeg_3.72
[97] 18 Peace River Block. Forest LL123_tif_115.70 LL123_jpeg_3.52
[98] None Blank page No file No file


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