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British Columbia. Employment Standards Branch
Employment Standards Fact Sheets

Adjudication Hearings
Agriculture Compliance Team Visits    
Annual Vacation    
Averaging Agreements    
Bankruptcy, Receivership and Insolvency    
Campground/Motel Managers & Caretakers    
Caretakers - Resident    
Collective Agreements    
Compassionate Care Leave    
Commission Sales    
Complaints - Filing Of    
Complaint Resolution    
Contractor or Employee    
Deductions from Wages    
Direct Deposit - Farm Labour    
Employee or Independent Contractor
Employees Covered by Collective Agreements    
Employers - Quick Guide to Employment Standards Act    
Employment Agencies    
Employment of Young People - General    
Employment of Young People: a Guide for Parents    
Employment of Young People - Entertainment Industry    
Employment Standards Hearings
Employment Standards Mediation    
Enforcement Measures & Penalties
Entertainment Industry - Employment of Young People    
Entertainment Industry - Public Guardian & Trustee    
Entertainment Industry - Group Hires    
Entry Level Wage Rate - First Job    
Farm Workers    
Farm Labour Contractors    
Farm Labour - Direct Deposit    
Filing a Complaint    
First Job/Entry Level Wage    
Fish Farm Employees    
Foreign Workers    
Garment Workers    
Group Hires in the Entertainment Industry (Film & TV Extras)    
Guide for Employers - Employment Standards Act    
Guidelines - Motel & Campground Managers/Caretakers    
Hair Stylists    
Hearings - Adjudication    
High Technology Companies    
Hours of Work & Overtime    
Just Cause    
Keeping Records    
Leaves & Jury Duty    
Minimum Wage    
Motel & Campground Managers/Caretakers    
Newspaper Carriers    
Oil & Gas Workers    
Paying Wages    
Public Guardian & Trustee (Entertainment Industry)    
Quick Reference Guide for Employers    
Records - Keeping Of    
Resident Caretakers    
Restaurant Employees    
Sales - Commission    
Self-Help Kit    
Silviculture Workers    
Statutory Holidays    
Statutory Holiday Dates    
Talent Agencies    
Termination of Employment    
Travel Time    
Truck Drivers    
Young People: Employment of: General    
Young People: Employment of: Guide for Parents    
Young People in Entertainment Industry    


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