Appendix F    Heritage Sites and Key Geographic Features


Appendix F - 1             Sites of cultural and historic significance to the
                                        Nisga'a Nation to be designated as provincial
                                heritage sites.

Appendix F - 2             Names to be recorded in the British Columbia
                                        Geographic Names Information System

Appendix F - 3            Place names to be changed by British Columbia

Appendix F - 1  Sites of cultural and historic significance to the Nisga'a Nation to be designated as provincial heritage sites.

Map Ref                    Site                                Description

103P. 032                     Ksi Galsgiist                    Site is at the mouth of the Kelskiist
                                                                           (Kelskiist Creek) Creek and is approximately 1+/-
                                                                           hectares in size.

104A. 052                     Treaty Creek                   Site is an area of 1 +/- hectares
                                                                           surrounding a large rock outcrop
                                                                           found along the right natural
                                                                           boundary of Treaty Creek.

104H. 015                     Magoonhl Lisims            Site is a small peninsula located on
                                                                           (Nass Lake) the east side of Nass Lake and is
                                                                           0.75 +/- hectares in size.

103P. 057                     Genim Sgeenix              A section of 1 +/- hectares along the
                                                                          (Grease Trail) historic Grease Trail where the trail
                                                                          crossed the Cranberry River and
                                                                          where the trail is preserved in an
                                                                          undisturbed state.

103P. 025                     Genim Sgeenix             At the request of Nisga'a Lisims
                                                                          (Grease Trail) Government/ Nisga'a Nation, British
                                                                          Columbia will designate as a
                                                                          provincial heritage site a second
                                                                          section of the historic Grease Trail
                                                                          near the site of Gitlax'aws (Grease
                                                                          Harbour) on Nisga'a Lands.

Appendix F - 2               Names to be recorded in the British ColumbiaGeographic

Names Information System.

Map Ref:                Current Name                     Nisga'a Name
103P. 014                 Canyon City                                 Gitwinksihlkw
103P. 003                 Greenville                                     Laxgalts'ap
103I. 091                   Kincolith                                      Gingolx
103P. 014                 Vetter Peak                                  Xhlawit
103P. 056                 Kinskuch River                              Ksi Gingsox
103P. 064                 Kinskuch Lake                              T'aam Gingsox
103P. 025                 Grease Harbour (village)                 Gitlaxksiip
103P. 002                 Fishery Bay                                  Ts'im K'ol'hl Da oots'ip
103P. 025                 Tseax River                                   Ksi Sii Aks
103P. 035                 Kwinatahl River                              Ksi Gwinhat'al
103P. 056                 Kiteen River                                   Ksi Gahlt'in
103P. 025                 Grease Harbour (fishing site)           Ts'im Anwiihlist
103P. 014                 Zolzap River                                   Ksi Ts'oohl Ts'ap
103P. 025                 Seaskinnish River                           Ksi Sgasginist
103P. 025                 New Aiyansh                                  Wii Lax Kap
103P. 025                 Shumal River                                  Ksga'maal
103I. 092                   Ishkeenickh River                           Ksi Hlginx
103P. 003                 Ksedin Creek                                 Ksi Mat'in
103 J.080                  Kwinamass River                            Ksi X'anmas
103J. 100                  Unnamed Mountain                         Xk'aat'aapgwit
103P. 001                 Scowban Creek (not official)             Ksi Sgawban
103I. 091                   Kincolith River                                Ksi Gingolx
103P. 001                 Iknouk River                                    Xnukw
103I. 091                  Burton Creek                                   Ksgyukwsa'a
103J. 080                 Kinnamax I.R. No. 15                       X'anmas
103J. 080                 Tahahaat I.R. No. 16                        Txaalaxhatkw
103O.070                 Georgie I.R. No. 17                          X'uji
103P. 091                Scamakounst I.R. No. 19                 Sgamagunt
103P. 021                Kinmelit I.R. No. 20                         Gwinmilit
103P. 021                Slooks I.R. No. 21                           Xlukwskw
103P. 022                Staqoo I.R. No. 22                           Ksi Xts'at'kw
103P. 032                Ktsinet I.R. No. 23                           Xts'init
103P. 043                Gitzault I.R. No. 24                          Gits'oohl
103P. 042                Tackuan I.R.s No. 26                       T'ak'uwaan
                               and No. 26A
103P. 061 & 062       Kshwan I.R.s No. 27                       Ks wan
                               and No. 27A
103I. 083                  Lakbelak I.R. No. 38                       Lax Bilak
103I. 082                  Lakbelak Creek I.R. No. 39             Lax Bilak
103I. 072                  Lakbelak Lake I.R. No. 40               Lax Bilak
103O.010                 Dogfish Bay I.R. No. 42                   Xmaat'in
103O.010                 Pearse Island I.R. No. 43                 Wil Milit
103I. 091                  Iceberg Bay                                   Ts'im Sgalt
103P. 062                Mt. Fowler                                      K'ipmat'iskw
103P. 042 & 043       Alice Arm                                      K'alii Ts'im Gits'oohl
103J. 090                 Nasoga Gulf                                   T'sim Sgaawa'a
103P. 042                Hastings Arm                                 K'alii Kshwan
103I. 092                  Nass River                                     K'alii Aksim Lisims
103P. 066                Kinskuch Peak                               Sganisim Gingsox
103O.010                 Portland Canal                                K'alii Xk'alaan
104A.004                 Meziadin Lake                                T'aam Mits'iiaadin
103P. 056                Cranberry River                                Ksi W'iipdalks
104A.068                 Muskaboo Creek                             Ksi M'aas Gibuu
103I. 092                 Red Bluff I.R. No. 88                         Lax Masgwit


Appendix F - 3   Place names to be changed by British Columbia
Map Ref:             Current Name                             Nisga'a Name
103P. 014               Canyon City                                     Gitwinksihlkw
103P. 003               Greenville                                         Laxgalts'ap
103I. 091                 Kincolith                                          Gingolx
103P. 014               Vetter Peak                                      Xhlawit
103P. 025               Grease Harbour (village)                    Gitlaxksiip
103P. 002               Fishery Bay                                     Ts'im K'ol'hl Da oots'ip
103P. 025               Tseax River                                      Ksi Sii Aks
103P. 035               Kwinatahl River                                 Ksi Gwinhat'al
103P. 025               Grease Harbour (fishing site)              Ts'im Anwiihlist
103P. 014               Zolzap River                                      Ksi Ts'oohl Ts'ap
103P. 025               Seaskinnish River                              Ksi Sgasginist
103P. 025               New Aiyansh (old village site)             Wii Lax Kap
103P. 025               Shumal River                                     Ksga'maal
103I. 092                 Ishkeenickh River                              Ksi Hlginx
103P. 003               Ksedin Creek                                    Ksi Mat'in
103 J.080                Kwinamass River                               Ksi X'anmas
103J. 100                Unnamed Mountain                           Xk'aat'aapgwit
103P. 001               Scowban Creek (not official)               Ksi Sgawban
103I. 091                 Kincolith River                                  Ksi Gingolx
103P. 001               Iknouk River                                      Xnukw
103I. 091                 Burton Creek                                    Ksgyukwsa'a
103J. 080                Kinnamax I.R. No. 15                        X'anmas
103J. 080                Tahahaat I.R. No. 16                         Txaalaxhatkw
103O.070                Georgie I.R. No. 17                           X"uji
103P. 091               Scamakounst I.R. No. 19                  Sgamagunt
103P. 021               Kinmelit I.R. No. 20                          Gwinmilit
103P. 021               Slooks I.R. No. 21                            Xlukwskw
103P. 022               Staqoo I.R. No. 22                            Ksi Xts' at'kw
103P. 032               Ktsinet I.R. No. 23                            Xts'init
103P. 043               Gitzault I.R. No. 24                           Gits'oohl
103P. 042               Tackuan I.R.s No. 26 & 26A              T' ak' uwaan
103P. 061 & 062      Kshwan I.R.s No. 27 & 27A               Ks wan
103I. 083                 Lakbelak I.R. No. 38                         Lax Bilak
103I. 082                 Lakbelak Creek I.R. No. 39                Lax Bilak
103I. 072                 Lakbelak Lake I.R. No. 40                 Lax Bilak
103O.010                Dogfish Bay I.R. No. 42                     Xmaat'in
103O.010                Pearse Island I.R. No. 43                   Wil Milit

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