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British Columbia. Ministry of Energy and Mines.
Geology and mineral resources of the Tagish Lake area (NTS 104M/8,9,10E, 15 and 104N/12W), northwestern British Columbia.

Cover and Summary    
Table of Contents    
Chapter 1: Introduction    
Chapter 2: Regional Geologic Setting    
Chapter 3: Layered Metamorphic Rocks    
Chapter 4: Strongly Foliated Rocks    
Chapter 5: Cache Creek Terrane    
Chapter 6: Graham Creek Suite    
Chapter 7: Peninsula Mountain Volcanic Suite    
Chapter 8: Stuhini Group    
Chapter 9: Laberge Group    
Chapter 10: Jurassic to Cretaceous Volcanics    
Chapter 11: Tertiary Volcanic Rocks    
Chapter 12: Intrusive Rocks    
Chapter 13: Structure    
Chapter 14: Mineral & Hydrocarbon Potential    
Chapter 15: Geologic History    
Figure GM97-1: Geology of the Tagish Lake Area    
Figure TC-1: Geological Event Synopsis    


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