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Independent Expert Engineering Investigation and Review Panel
Report on Mount Polley Tailings storage facility breach

The Panel Report Mount Polley Independant Engineering Review Panel
Appendix A - Terms of reference
Appendix B - Background reports and information
Appendix C - Surface investigations
Appendix C - Mount Polley 3D flyover
Appendix C Drawings
Appendix D - Subsurface Investigation
Appendix D Table D2-1
Appendix D Drawings
Appendix D Attachment D1 : Thurber Logs of KCB Sonic Holes
Appendix D Attachment D2 : Panel and KCB CPT Profiling Data
Appendix D Attachment D3,4, 5; Panel & KCB CPT Dissipation Data (D3); Panel & KCB Vane Shear Testing Data (D4); Panel Pressuremeter Testing Data (D5)
Appendix D Attachment D6 : Panel Boreholes and Sampling
Appendix D Attachment D7  : Panel and KCB Laboratory Index Testing
Appendix D Attachment D8, 9,10; DMT Geophysics Interpretation (D8); CPT Tip Resistance & Moisture Content (D9); CPT Correlations to Undrained Strength (D10)
Appendix E Laboratory Testing and Results
Appendix E Attachments
Appendix F Instrumentation and Monitoring
Appendix F Drawings
Appendix G Water Balance
Appendix G Drawings
Appendix H Breach Analysis
Appendix H Drawings
Appendix I B.C. Tailings Dam Failure Frequency and Portfolio Risk
Appendix I Attachments
Appendix J Cariboo Regional District Video
Video: Independent Panel Review of Mount Poley TSF Full Presentation
News release & backgrounder


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