Soo, Summary of Public Input

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As part of the review of timber supply in the Soo Timber Supply Area, the British Columbia Forest Service distributed a Discussion Paper and two technical reports; the Timber Supply Analysis and the Socio-Economic Analysis. The public was encouraged to review and comment on the accuracy of the information in these documents and to provide additional information. This report summarizes the input received during the 90-day review period. This information was provided to the chief forester for his consideration when he reviewed the allowable annual cut for the Soo Timber Supply Area.

The first section of this summary outlines the public review process implemented by the Forest Service and describes the types of public input received. The second section summarizes the public input in sufficient detail to indicate the range of input received. The original submissions (with personal identifiers removed in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act ) can be reviewed at the Squamish Forest District office.

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