Soo, Summary of Public Input

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Public Review Process and Response

Assessment of the timber supply in the Soo Timber Supply Area has been underway since 1992. During this time, a great deal of interest has been expressed by media, local governments, forest companies, groups and individuals.

Squamish District Staff actively solicited public input on the Timber Supply Review in the Soo Timber Supply Area through the following actions:

As Table 1 shows, over 220 individuals attended Soo Timber Supply Review information activities. The Squamish Forest District received four completed response forms and 15 written submissions (see Appendix 1). The Soo Licensee Group, which includes the major timber companies operating in the Soo Timber Supply Area, commissioned a consultant to review the Timber Supply Analysis, their review is referred to as the ‘technical critique’ in this report.

Activities (No. of participants)


Meetings with interest groups

Soo Timber Supply Area Steering Committee (50)

December 14, 1994

Soo Coalition for Sustainable

Forests (65)

March 4, 1995

Open Houses

Squamish (51)

January 27, 1995

Pemberton (17)

January 25, 1995

Whistler (37)

January 26, 1995

Overall, those who attended these public information activities indicate they were informative and useful, but the participants were disappointed by the apparent lack of public interest in this Timber Supply Review.

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