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British Columbia. Prosecution Service.
Crown Counsel Policy Manual

Abduction of Children by Parent/Guardian
Ad Hoc Counsel (ADH 1)
Alternative Measures for Adult Offenders (ALT 1)
Appeals by Crown to Court of Appeal & Supreme Court of Canada (APP 1)
Appeals by Crown of Summary Conviction Matters (APP 1.1)
Bail Estreatments (BAI 1)
Bail Breaches (BAI 1.1)
Charge Assessment Guidelines (CHA 1)
Charge Assessment Decision Police Appeal (CHA 1.1)
Charge Assessment Decision - Social Regulatory Offences (CHA 1.2)
Children & Vulnerable Youth Crimes Against (CHI 1)
Civil Disobedience & Contempt of Related Court Orders (CIV 1)
Complaints & Enquiries Relating to Specific Prosecutions (COM 1)
Committee Involvement (COM 2)
Criminal Harassment (CRI 1)
Dangerous Offender & Long-Term Offender Applications (DAN 1)
Diplomatic & Consular Immunity (DIP 1)
Direct Indictment (DIR 1)
Disclosure (DIS 1)
Elder Abuse Offences Against Elders (ELD 1)
Environmental Prosecutions (ENV 1)
Extradition & Mutual Legal Assistance (EXT 1)
Firearms Mandatory Minimum Sentences - Consecutive Sentences - Notice of Greater Penalty (FIR 1)
French Trials & Bilingual Trials (FRE 1)
Hate Crimes (HAT 1)
Immunity from Prosecution Witnesses & Informants (IMM 2)
Impaired Driving Prosecutions (IMP 1)
In-Custody Informer Witnesses (INC 1)
Information Requests from Third Parties (INF 1)
Intimate Partner Violence (IPV 1)
Judicial Justice Court Crown Counsel Responsibilities (JUD 1)
Legal Advice to the Police (LEG 1)
Legal Advice to the Public (LEG 1.1)
Media Guidelines for Crown Counsel (MED 1)
Medical Assistance in Dying & Related Prosecutions (MED 2)
Municipal Bylaw Prosecutions (MUN 1)
NCRMD High-Risk Accused Designations (NCR 1)
Nudity (NUD 1)
Perjury (PER 1)
Police Allegations Against Peace Officers (POL 1)
Police Witnesses Adverse Judicial Comments (POL 1.1)
Private Prosecutions (PRI 1)
Prosecutorial Responsibility for Federal Statutes Major/Minor Agreement (PRO 2)
Recognizances under Section 810 & Peace Bonds (REC 1)
Resolution Discussions & Stays of Proceedings (RES 1)
Sexual Offences Against Adults (SEX 1)
Sexual Transmission, or Realistic Possibility of Transmission, of HIV (SEX 2)
Sexual Services Purchase of & Related Offences (SEX 3)
Special Prosecutors (SPE 1)
Standards of Conduct Conflict of Interest & Protection of Confidential Information (STA 1)
Trial Without Jury Section 469 Offences Consent of Attorney General (TRI 1)
Victims of Crime Providing Assistance & Information to (VIC 1)
Victim Service Programs Providing Information to (VIC 2)
Vulnerable Victims & Witnesses (VUL 1)
Waiver of Criminal Charges Within Province (WAI 1)
Waiver of Criminal Charges Between Provinces (WAI 1.1)
Youth Criminal Justice Act Adult Sentences (YOU 1.1)
Youth Criminal Justice Act Continuation of Custody Hearings (YOU 1.2)
Youth Criminal Justice Act Extrajudicial Measures (YOU 1.4)


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