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Long Term Acquisition Plan (... LTAP)


ERRATA February 27, 2009

2008 Long Term Acquisition Plan Application - Revisions of August 19, 2008    PDF 2.34 MB
Appendix A Draft of the Requested Final Order - Revision of August 19, 2008 
Appendix B B.C. Government policy and regulatory documents:
The 2007 Energy Plan (B1)
SD 10 (B2)
Clean or Renewable Electricity Guidelines (B3)
Amended HSD#1 and HSD#2 (B4)
Appendix C Table summarizing the 29 BCUC Directives arising out of the 2006 IEP/LTAP Decision along with the status of each relevant Directive and a reference to the section where the Directive is addressed in the 2008 LTAP
Appendix D 2007 Load Forecast
Appendix E Direct Testimony of Dr. Ren Orans of Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc. (E3) concerning the elasticity assumptions in the 2008 LTAP
Appendix F ROU-related documents:
Resource Options Database (RODAT) sheets (F1)
The Powertech Labs Inc. (Powertech) Technology Summary Clean Coal Power Generation by C0 2 Sequestration: (F2)
BC Hydro's wind integration cost assessment (F3)
The BC Hydro Engineering report concerning Jordan River pumped storage ( F4a)
Powertech evaluation of the Jorvic Sewage Reclaim Pipeline at BC Hydro's Jordan River Hydroelectric Project ( F4b)
The Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd. ( Kerr Wood) Run-of-River Resource Assessment for B.C. ( F5)
The Garrad Hassan Canada Inc. ( GH) Assessment of the Energy Potential and Estimated Costs in B.C of Wind Energy ( F6)
The AMEC Americas Limited ( AMEC) Gas-Fired Combustion Turbine Power Plant Costs and Performance Update report ( F7)
Potential Large Hydro Project report ( F8)
Integrated System ( transmission) Planning Assumptions ( F9)
Calculation of Capacity Planning Reserves as filed in the 2007 Alcan EPA proceeding ( F10) Revision of July 4, 2008
Estimated Unit Energy Cost ( UEC) Cost Adjustment Values ( F11)
Effective Load Carrying Capability ( ELCC) Firm Energy Load Carrying Capability ( FELCC) of Intermittent Resources report ( F12)
Comparison of the 2008 ROU to the 2006 Call ( F13)
The Risk Framework Explanation and Applications ( F14)
Resource Planning Models ( F15)
Portfolios and Analysis ( F16)
DSM Resource Options ( F17)
Appendix G Three Natsource GHG price forecast-related reports, as follows:
The 2007 GHG Offset Forecast Report ( G1)
An addendum to G1 to address the B.C. carbon tax ( G2)
Natsource's memorandum estimating the probability of the main GHG scenarios ( G3)
Appendix H Global Energy's Renewable Energy Credit Market Analysis of the Potential Renewable Energy Sale in WECC report
Appendix I Global Energy's Natural Gas Price Forecast for BC Hydro report
Appendix J Four Burrard-related reports, as follows:
AMEC's Condition Assessment and Alternative Configuration Study-Burrard Generating Station:
          Current Configuration ( J1)
          Alternative Configuration( J2)
RWDI Air Inc.'s ( RWDI):
           Burrard Consent to Operate Risk Analysis ( J3)
           Permitting Requirements for Rebuilding Burrard Thermal Generating Station ( J4)
Appendix K BC Hydro's DSM Plan Revision of July 4, 2008
Appendix L Two Site C-related reports:
Summary: Stage 1 Review of Project Feasibility report ( L1)
The Stage 2: Project Definition and Consultation plan ( L2)
Site C Unit Energy Cost and Recent Orders in Council ( L3) Revision of July 4, 2008
Appendix M Copy of the Clean Power Call Request for Proposals ( RFP)
Appendix N The Fort Nelson Resource Plan-Related and Long Term Acquisition Plan ( N1) Revision of July 4, 2008
The Fort Nelson Generating Station Upgrade Report ( N2)
Appendix O BC Hydro's Base Plan and CRPs ( O1) Revision of July 4, 2008
Appendix P Assessment of Puget Sound Area/Northern Intertie Curtailment Risk report
Appendix Q First Nations and stakeholder engagement report for the 2008 LTAP, the Clean Power Call, Mica Unit 5 and Mica Unit 6, Fort Nelson-related issues, and the draft Application workshop presentation and intervenor comments Revision of July 4, 2008
Appendix R Glossary and Abbreviations

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