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Glacier Resorts Ltd. and Pheidias Project Management Corp.
Jumbo Glacier Resort Master Plan

Jumbo Glacier Resort Master Plan  17.21 MB
Appendix 1-A Project Consultants  
Appendix 1-B Selected Articles
Appendix 1-C Letters of Support  
Appendix 2-A Avalanche Studies and Reports  
Appendix 2-B TIDSA  
Appendix 2-C Climate, Water and Glaciers  
Appendix 3-A Biophysical Habitat Mapping  
Appendix 3-B Wildlife Resources  
Appendix 3-C Grizzly Bear Management Plan  
Appendix 3-D Cartographic Model-Based Cumulative Effects Assessment Assessment of JGR on Grizzly Bears  
Appendix 3-E Grizzly Bear Population Survey  
Appendix 3-F Fisheries Resources  
Appendix 3-G Horejsi Review  
Appendix 3-H Access Road Design Speed  
Appendix 3-I Proctor Response  
Appendix 3-J Letter - MELP Grizzly Bear Report
Appendix 3-K Austin Analysis  
Appendix 3-L Beaulac Letter  
Appendix 3-M Liquid Waste and Solid Waste Plan  
Appendix 3-N Letter to Glenn Stewart  
Appendix 3-O Grizzly Bear Hunt/Mortality Statistics  
Appendix 3-P Bird Survey Report  
Appendix 4-A Visual Impact Assessment & Mitigation  
Appendix 4-B Glacier Dome Summer Skiing Field Investigation  
Appendix 4-C Map of Study Area  
Appendix 4-D 1995 Lift System Layout Drawing
Appendix 4-E Letter from Glenn Wurtele  
Appendix 4-F First Phase Ski Area Plan Review  
Appendix 5-A Route Study and Proposed Road Upgrading  
Appendix 5-B Assurance Plans  
Appendix 5-C Water Licenses  
Appendix 5-D Mill Bay Wastewater Treatment  
Appendix 5-E Review of In-Ground Disposal  
Appendix 5-F Geotechnical and Hydrogeological Review  
Appendix 5-G Groundwater Supply Assessment  
Appendix 6-A Harley Study Response  
Appendix 6-B Sierra Systems Report  
Appendix 6-C R.K. Heli-Ski & Sierra Systems Responses  
Appendix 6-D Timber Values  
Appendix 6-E Supplemental Forestry Information  
Appendix 6-F Tourism Industry Assessment
Appendix 7-A Employment Equity Plan  
Appendix 8-A Letters from Premiers Harcourt, Clark and Minister Sawicki  
Appendix 8-B Recommendations of the EAO Executive Director  
Appendix 8-C EAO Assessment Report  
Appendix 8-D Environmental Assessment Ceritificate  
Appendix 8-E Project Report Volume 1  
Appendix 8-F Project Report Volume 2  
Appendix 8-G Project Report Volume 3  
Appendix 8-H Project Report Volume 4  
Appendix 8-I Project Report Volume 5  
Appendix 8-J CORE East Kootenay Land Use Plan Summary Report  
Appendix 8-K CORE East Kootenay Land Use Plan Recommendation 75  
Appendix 8-L CORE Commissioner Stephen Owen Letter  
Appendix 8-M Government of BC News Release  
Appendix 8-N Letters between Deputy Minister Thomas Gunton & Oberto Oberti  
Appendix 8-O Freedom of Information Request  
Appendix 8-P Federal Auditor General Responses to Project Opponents  
Appendix 8-Q Reasons for Judgement  
Appendix 8-R Letter to Minister Ida Chong  
Appendix 9-A Community Fire Protection Strategy  
Appendix 9-B Letter from Bob Whetham  


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