The DownTown Eastside Economic Revitalization Plan

The Vancouver Agreement Economic Revitalization Plan for the Downtown Eastside was developed in consultation with community groups, residents, businesses and business organizations. They provided stimulating ideas and vital expertise that will be instrumental in increasing business activity and jobs in the area, and to once again make the Downtown Eastside a healthy, thriving community.

Read a summary of the Stronger Together Economic Revitalization Forum.

The Plan is an essential step towards taking advantage of the many economic opportunities on the horizon for this community located in Vancouver’s historic heart. It outlines strategies and actions to increase business activity and job creation - essential components of a safe, healthy, sustainable community.

Historically, the Downtown Eastside has been a predominantly low-income neighbourhood, and community will is clearly articulated in the plan’s statement of intent, Revitalization without Displacement. Increased business and housing opportunities are essential for revitalization. Growth, however, must concur with and be respectful of community needs for affordable housing, accessible health and community programs, and enhanced training and employment opportunities for local residents.

The Vancouver Agreement partners are committed to working with the community and industry to ensure that Downtown Eastside residents and businesses benefit from significant events being held in the city like the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games and the 2006 World Urban Forum.









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